Hair Color for Men

Friends don’t let friends have bad hair color.We’ve all stood in line next to that guy who bought the cheapest do-it-yourself home coloring kit from the dollar store. Is the intent to appear greenish? Orange-ish? Somewhere between? Don’t you just … Read More

Hair Color for Women

Friends don’t let friends have bad hair color. If you’re updating those roots or hiding those grays yourself, chances are you’re creating more of a problem than you might otherwise have. In untrained but well-meaning hands, over-the-counter dyes can often lead … Read More


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Salons of Volterra

You’ll find Bo Bryan at The Salons of Volterra in Lewisville: 211 State Highway 121, near MacArthur. You can reach Bo Bryan directly by calling 972-839-1999. The Salons of Volterra Lewisville redefine personal service. From the moment you enter the old-world … Read More

Hair Extensions Video

Want thicker, longer hair in seconds with no clips, no tape and no glue? Halo Couture Hair Extensions are among the most amazing, fun and innovative products you will love to wear. Take a look at the video, and then contact Bo today … Read More

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