Hair Color for Women

hair color

Friends don’t let friends have bad hair color.

If you’re updating those roots or hiding those grays yourself, chances are you’re creating more of a problem than you might otherwise have. In untrained but well-meaning hands, over-the-counter dyes can often lead to straw-like textures, uneven hues, breakage and – well, we’ll just leave this last word at “worse.”

A trained colorist stakes his or her reputation on the quality of products used combined with training, expertise and artistry. You can be assured that Bo Bryan’s nearly 3 decades of hair artistry qualifies her as an expert in helping you to select the hues and tones that work with your hair texture, your completion and your facial shape. Contact Bo to set up your color consultation.

You’ll find Bo Bryan at The Salons of Volterra in Lewisville: 211 State Highway 121, near MacArthur. The phone number to our receptionist is 972-899-7950. You can reach Bo Bryan directly by calling 972-839-1999.

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