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Microblading for Hair Loss

Eyebrow Microblading is a hot trend, and the same technique can be a great fix for thinning hair on the scalp as well.

Adda doesn’t know why her hair has been falling out, but she’s noticed hair loss and thinning for some time. Nothing she tries seems to restore her hair. “I don’t even like taking pictures, because it doesn’t look like me anymore,” she says. She’s ready to give microblading a try, and Mahnaz Bahaelou from Elite Permanent Makeup and Aesthetician Shunashy Jimenez take us through the process.

 Adda’s scalp is numbed, then groups of 15 needles are used to score her part line and place pigment in hair-like strokes. This is followed by micropigmentation, individual dark dots added one by one to the scalp. Finally, her entire scalp is treated with Aquaphor to protect and promote quick healing.


Adda’s thrilled with the results – her hairline looks full and natural. She confesses that the microblading process hurt, but the micropigmentation didn’t.
Microblading and micropigmentation last a year to a year and a half, depending on the individual. It can cost $700 or upwards.