Thinning eyebrows are a common issue for women. For whatever reasons – overplucking, father time, alopecia – the issue exists, and it can quite literally change your entire look. Imagine Madonna or Jack Nicholson with no eyebrows. I wonder if we’d even be able to identify them! Luckily, we live in a time when the issue can be treated so well that you may not have to maintain your eyebrows beyond once or twice per year.


“I had always thought that permanent makeup was for vain people who would live to regret the decision later in life. Now that I’m in my late 50s, I am grateful for my new eyebrows in ways that didn’t occur to me when I was having them done. I truly hadn’t realized how much time I had dedicated to grooming them until I didn’t have to do it anymore. I hadn’t realized how much money I had spent on grooming tools and cosmetics until I didn’t have to buy them anymore. I hadn’t realized that my constant squinting to be able to see my eyebrow grooming habits was actually making me groom them quite asymmetrically (until I saw myself in a photo). The microblading is fine and subtle, and Bo blended the cosmetics perfectly into my existing brow line. I highly recommend Bo’s services for permanent makeup.” -Elizabeth M.



  • Thinning eyebrows: Side-effect from pharmaceuticals
  • From eyebrow crown toward temple: The Biotouch® restored a complete look
  • Method used: Microblading
  • Life-changing year: 2013