microblading eyebrows Lewisville Coppell

This $400 service is slashed to $100 for the first 8 ladies and gentlemen who are eyebrow challenged and meet the required guidelines for microblading cosmetic eyebrow rejuvenation by experienced and licensed provider Bo Bryan.

This model search means you will serve as a real-world before-and-after model for our new website and other promotional materials. We’ll shoot the “before” photos at your initial visit, and we’ll shoot the “after” photos at your follow-up visit. We’ll use the photos at our discretion, always in the context of promoting the benefits of microblading.

Qualified candidates must be available October 26, 27 or 28, 2015 for the actual procedure and photography and then again on November 20, 21 or 23, 2015 for the follow-up visit and the “after” photography.

The 75% discount doesn’t mean you’re getting a cheap, “get what you pay for” service. The 75% discount is a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” kind of thing that creates a win/win situation for the client and for experienced microblading master Bo Bryan.

See a bit about the procedure and the vast difference it can make in how people perceive you at http://glamourbybo.com/permanent-makeup/semi-permanent-makeup.

Submit photos of your current eyebrow status and your phone number to GlamourByBo@gmail.com.

You just may be Bo’s Next Top Model!