Men’s Hairstyles

From the slicked back look to the edgier bedhead, men are expressing themselves in much bolder ways these days. Bald is beautiful, buzzed is bad, bad is good, long is expressive, sleek is slick.

Whether you’re ready to go out on a limb and look fresh off a New York runway or you’re comfortable in the tousled comfort that accompanies next weekend’s tailgating, Bo Bryan will help you find a look that’s sure to please.


Men’s Hair Color

Friends don’t let friends have bad hair color.

We’ve all stood in line next to that guy who bought the cheapest do-it-yourself home coloring kit from the dollar store. Is the intent to appear greenish? Orange-ish? Somewhere between? Don’t you just want to hug him and tell him it’ll be okay? Like the classic combover, the do-it-yourself home coloring kit is one of the easiest fates from which we can save the men in our lives.

Take cues from some of the greatest heads out there: Anderson Cooper, David Beckham, Daniel Craig. They avoid that dollar-store look quite well because of one thing: they utilize the services of a professional stylist.

Make your appointment with Bo, and see if you can join the ranks of those who truly care about every piece of the package.


  • What style is right for your face? Coming soon!