Permanent Makeup Artist in Lewisville - Testimonial from Carol

“5” Stars

Bo is an incredible artist and I love my permanent makeup. I highly recommend her services!!!!

Carol Johnson-Gerendas - Coppell, TX

“5” Stars

“Very personable and professional. I did not feel rushed. She did a quality job.”

– Paula C. | 09.21.2016 – Read Review on

Paula C. – Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading

“5” Stars

“She is able to correct some bad permanent eyebrow tattooing. She has wonderful personality. You feel as if you have known her all your lfe. Her work is very professional and she understood immediately the correction I was counting on her to make. She is remarkable.”

– Jenny M. | 07.27.2016 – Read Review on

Permanent Eyebrows – Jenny M.

“5” Stars

“Bo is knowledgeable and very comfortable in her profession. She clearly explains everything she does. She is extremely personable and made me feel very much at ease. “

– Kathryn A. | 07.16.2016 – Read Review on

Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading- Kathryn A.

“5” Stars

“Awesome experience! Took her time and is very adamant about making sure you are pleased with the outcome. Very honest while still having a great sense of humor. She also makes you feel very comfortable and at home. Will definitely recommend to others!”

– Heather L. | 07.16.2016 – Read Review on

Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading – Heather L.

“5” Stars

“She did an awesome on my permanent brows I had them done about 25 years ago . I was a little apprehensive about having some one else redo them! But I have to say she did a wonderful job . When my sister saw them she could believe how beautiful they looked!!!! I highly recommend Bo for many services . She’s awesome!!!”

– Denise W. | 06.13.2016 – Read Review on

Permanent Eyebrows – Touch Up – Denise W.

“5” Stars

“Bo is very professional and skilled. I consider myself picky, especially when it comes to my eyebrows and she is patient with me. It’s important to her for the customer to be comfortable and completely satisfied. I was confident enough after having my eyebrows done to finally trust someone to do permanent eyeliner.”

– Paula H. | 06.11.2016 – Read Review on

Permanent Eyebrows – Touch Up – Paula H.

“5” Stars

“Bo made my procedure the most relaxing experience. She was very knowledgeable and very professional in her work. I would highly recommend any of her work and will definitely use her for future services.”

– Angela D. | 05.25.2016 – Read Review on

Permanent Eyebrows – Touch Up – Angela D.

“5” Stars

“Love me new brows! Bo was so patient and put my nerves to ease! Highly recommend her!”

– Mysti C. | 05.10.2016 – Read Review on

Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading – Mysti C.

“5” Stars

“Please with Bo’s professional work.”

– Enoes Q. | 05.3.2016 – Read Review on

Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading – Enoes Q.

“5” Stars

“I was so nervous going in to my appointment but Bo was so sweet,kind and an easy going person. She made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone that is wanting Semi Permanent microblading brows! She did an amazing job! Thanks Bo see u for my hair appointment Thursday. ?”

– Martha G. | 04.12.2016 – Read Review on

Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading – Martha G.

“5” Stars

“Bo really cared that you got what you wanted and we’re sure you were happy with what she did! “

– Haley R. | 04.5.2016 – Read Review on

Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading – Haley R.

“5” Stars

“Always professional and has expertise in coloring!”

– Karen M. | 02.21.2016 – Read Review on

Color/Highlights/Cut – Karen M.

“5” Stars

“She’s a perfectionist, just what everyone expects. Very very pleased!!!”

– Cathy P. | 02.12.2016 – Read Review on

Permanent Eyebrows – Cathy P.

“5” Stars

“Not only does Bo color, cut, and style my hair EXACTLY like I request, but she also provides sound counseling. And my eyebrows look great, too.”

– Lexann . | 02.5.2016 – Read Review on

Hair Highlights / Haircut – Lexann

“5” Stars

“Gives the best hi and lo lights “

– Michelle F. | 12.22.2015 – Read Review on

Hair Highlights / Haircut – Michelle F.

“5” Stars

“Bo really cares about her clients and giving them the best possible experience.”

– Tracy . | 11.29.2015 – Read Review on

Semi-Permanent Brows Microblading – Tracy

“5” Stars

“I have been wanting to have my eyebrows done for over a year. Bo made me feel totally at ease. She was very patient and calm and the results are amazing. I can’t wait to see how they are going to look when they heal. I highly recommend Bo. “

– Susan S. | 11.29.2015 – Read Review on

Permanent Eyebrows – Susan S.

“5” Stars

“Love personalities she was very knowledgeable on colors of hair and the cuts. She was great. We both love the colors and hair cut. She done a wonderful job.”

– Starla . | 11.16.2015 – Read Review on

Full Foil Highlites – Starla

“5” Stars

I have gone many many (many) years thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed. There was always a reason or excuse that came to thwart my effort in getting it done. It costs too much, it’s permanent (oh no!), and it might hurt…etc. etc. I’ve had other tattoos done, but never on my face.

Trust me when I say that getting them done by Bo was the BEST decision I have ever made. I’m half Asian and my eyebrows are pretty much non-existent. Without makeup, I’ve been told that I resemble a 16 year old boy. Bo gave me EXACTLY the brows I wanted. Now I can wake up in the morning without darting into the bathroom to make sure that my eyebrows are still in place.

I can swim, sweat at the gym, snorkel, go to the convenience store, have 7:30 am webex meetings when I’ve overslept without feeling any kind of anxiety that my eyebrows are in place. It really doesn’t hurt that badly, and Bo worked with me on color/style/shape and was VERY patient with me.

I’ve drawn on my eyebrows everyday for 24 years. Now, I don’t have to. BEST DECISION EVER!


Lara - Lewisville, TX

“5” Stars

We’ve followed Bo for years, and her new studio is really nice. The whole family — myself, husband, two teenage boys, in-laws — enjoys going to Bo’s! She’s funny and sweet and knows her stuff, whether it’s color, up-do’s, party hair, cut and style, or permanent makeup. Bring a picture or just an idea and Bo will make it work for you, 5 stars aren’t enough!! 😀

Lisa Best

Permanent Makeup Artist in Lewisville, TX - Testimonial from Saundra

“5” Stars

I am so impressed with Bo’s level of expertise and professionalism. I entered the salon with thinning brows that were less than uniform. What I left with were beautifully arched brows that were full and perfectly shaped…truly picture perfect!

Sandra Tauzin - Coppell, TX