Easy to Customize

Whether because of natural thinning, overgrooming, side effects from medication or surgery, alopecia...you might be surprised to discover how many people experience thinning brows. With microblading / permanent makeup, the look of your eyebrows can be restored so convincingly that nobody will take a second glance. Strong or subtle, thick or thin, high or low, Bo will work with you to ensure a permanent makeup look that fits. You may have not thought about permanent makeup for other parts of the body. Incredibly beautiful procedures for restoring the areola are available for women who have experienced breast trauma. Contact Bo for more details.

Subtle Beauty

"It's interesting how many people - men and women - tell me they're concerned that they'll be perceived as vain once they indulge in semi-permanent or permanent makeup. It always makes me giggle a little bit for one reason: I can almost count how many days it'll be before they share with me that the change to permanent makeup can be so subtle that nobody has noticed, and that they are spending considerably less time and money on getting ready to leave the house. Come see me, and I'll show you some real-world permanent makeup results." --Bo Bryan

Great Investment

Consider semi-permanent and permanent makeup purely from an economic perspective. Using entry level MAC cosmetics as an example, lipstick is $17. Lip liner is $16.50. Eyeliner is $21. Eyebrow pencil is $16.50. So far, we've spent $71 just on the products themselves - products that have a limited safety life. We've not yet figured in the cost of the gasoline used to go to the MAC counter, the cost of shipping if we purchase via Internet, the amount of time involved in applying and removing every day. You get where I'm going. You CAN dispense of all those issues with semi-permanent or permanent makeup.